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Financial Planning for Federal Employees 

Why Financial Planning?

Why Financial Planning?

As a Federal Employee you have unique financial planning needs.

You want a financial framework to help you achieve your goals now and in retirement.

You want a thorough understanding of all your benefits and options.

You want to avoid costly mistakes when it comes to your benefits and retirement decisions.

Why Work with Carlisle Financial Group?

Why Work with Carlisle Financial Group?

Most financial firms don’t understand your Federal benefits and don’t know how to address them.

Most agency retirement seminars don’t offer individual financial planning services and advice.

Best of both worlds! We have real world financial planning experience as well as a deep understanding of your benefits to address your specific goals.

As a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant (ChFEBC℠) we are specially trained and certified on your federal retirement benefits.

We have extensive knowledge about FERS, CSRS, TSP, FEGLI, Social Security and many other aspects of your retirement benefits.


Federal Benefits Analysis

Your Federal Benefits Analysis will include information regarding the following:


✔ FERS and CSRS Annuity Calculations (Deposit, Re-Deposit, and Military Deposit).

✔ FEHB in Retirement.

✔ FEGLI Options.

✔ FERS Supplemental Benefits and Social Security Income.

✔ TSP Analysis-  Allocation Strategies for Contributions, Traditional or Roth, Fund Choices, In-Service Withdrawals and Rollover Options.

✔ Federal Group Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP).

View a Sample Federal Benefits Analysis

Comprehensive Retirement Plan

Your Comprehensive Retirement Plan will incorporate your specific Federal benefits and will help you:

Maximize your pension and social security.

 Improve your retirement success rate.

Keep your taxes low.

 Preserve your savings.

 Manage your portfolio risks and returns.

 Optimize your insurance.

Want to Learn More?

 We offer a complimentary consultation and can help you make a smooth transition into retirement. 

 Learn more about our financial review process and schedule a 15-Minute introduction call today.